Dairy Free Snacks While Breastfeeding

Finding snacks while eating dairy free is one of the hardest things; especially as a SAHM
who is frequently wanting to munch on something. Oh hello carrot sticks, we meet again.
And Oreos? I seriously go through a pack in about 3-4 days. I know that sounds bad, but
it's the only junk food I have so I guess it's not that bad. And the bonus is that they are my
favorite cookie. But I think I need to take a chill pill from them before I turn into one. 

Instant Pudding
I found out that I could make pudding for myself (and jello!) by simply replacing regular
cow's milk with coconut milk. The result? Well, in the photo you see that I tried Banana Cream
but unfortunately I did something wrong and it never thickened. So I tried the chocolate pudding
mix and thank goodness it worked. It was a yummy snack that was something different for me
to eat and I still have some in the fridge waiting for me. I'm thinking of topping some bananas 
with some chocolate pudding. I can just pretend it is Fondue or something. 

Dairy Free Organic Gluten Free Brownies
There was a couple of options of brownie mix at Whole Foods that was dairy free
and I'm really hoping that maybe one of the other brands taste better. This was definitely a FAIL.
I even used my soy free/dairy free butter -so it was perfectly healthy for me - but it was perfectly yucky. 
It was dry and I could taste the grainy mix still and of course, it just wasn't Betty Crocker. 

Today I'm going to make some Jello for a snack, but before that I need to find some lunch.
Wish me luck!

Happy Sunday Funday, Sasha