Honest Hair Care {Product Review}

*This is not a sponsored post and is just simply a post because I love the product

Those of you who have been following have read my posts about trying to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from my home- particularly carcinogens. Well from doing research I've settled on The Honest Co. for many products, and so far I am very pleased with my products. 

Honest Conditioning Mist: First off, I LOVE the scent that this comes in. Sweet Orange Vanilla is the scent and it is so pleasant. Made of all plant based ingredients, it has less harsh chemicals in it then my previous conditioning spray by John Frieda. I wasn't really sure what to expect because in all honesty I don't expect it to work wonders since most amazing hair products have to be expensive and full of straightening chemicals and so on.

But I was pleasantly surprised that the Honest mist left my hair just as so soft (maybe softer) than the John Frieda brand. I'm sure the Honest brand doesn't have as many protective properties in it to protect my hair from heat, but at least it's free of carcinogens and harsh chemicals. The John Frieda product had parabens in it which are frequently linked to breast tumors. No mam...we don't want that (look for a post soon).

** I wish I would have looked at more of the John Frieda ingredients before I chunked it.
For future reviews, I intend on doing that. **

Overall, I'm satisfied with my switch and have to say that my hair is doing just as good as before
and is free of harsh chemicals. Except for hairspray -- dang it. I'm looking for an alternative to that one!

Oh, and it smells much better! 

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone because it's nourishing your hair with plant based ingredients and is reducing the amount of chemicals you use while still doing a satisfactory job. 

Order yours today!

What's your favorite hair product?
xoxo, Sasha