A New Royal Baby

So if I would have had a chance to bet on the gender of the royal baby, I definitely would have said girl. I really thought that it would be a girl considering her extreme morning sickness, as usually (not always) morning sickness - especially the kind that results in hospitalization - means that the gender is a female according to research. Not to mention that I threw up my brains during my pregnancy and had a baby girl too!

But I was wrong and the royal couple have just had their baby boy! I'm anxious to hear the name of this new child...what's your thoughts on a name?

Are you thinking that it will be a traditional name, such as Edward, Luke, George, William or Andrew or do you think that they will surprise us all with a name such as Easton, Harper or Brody? 

I'm torn on this because part of me feels like they will pick a traditional, expected name but then there is this little part of me that thinks the modern couple will lean more towards a name that has never been in the royal family. Soooo...I guess I will go with my second assumption. I'm hoping for a name that hasn't been used and doesn't sound so fancy, dancy. I hope they shake things up a bit with a fun, modern name. 

What kind of name do you think they will choose?

Congrats to the lovely couple, Sasha