We Had a Baby

Well guys! We had our BEAUTIFUL baby girl. 
If you're wondering why I have been MIA, that is why!
It all started last Monday when I was admitted in for some monitoring 
and then the early labor began on it's own on Tuesday night!
About 25 hours later (could be longer if you count the 6-7 minute span  of 
contractions that began early Monday), after an amazing and tiring natural birth, 
we had our amazingly beautiful daughter. 
It's all still quite unreal and I can't believe she is finally here. 
I also still can't believe that I did it...I accomplished my birth plan and I'm so proud to say so. 
Having a natural birth was by far the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced
and although it hurt like hell at times, I wouldn't trade it in for the world. 
I can't wait to share the experience with you all and of course to share more about
our healthy and beautiful 7lbs 2oz., 20.5 inch daughter who has a head full of thick, dark hair. 
But please bear with me as I adjust to motherhood and soak in all of these beginning moments. 
Between breastfeeding, snuggling, cuddling and kissing...I'll manage to sneak in some posts here 
and there over the next few days and then resume back to my daily posts. 

Okay, I've got some precious little lips waiting for a kiss. 
My cloud is up on level 9 right now and it isn't coming down anytime soon.
Hope you're all doing well!