If I Could Stop Time

{A post originally for Romance In a Glance} 

Is there ever a moment where you wish you could just pause time? A moment where you could press the pause button and watch everything around you freeze. Cars would stop, clocks would not tick and cities wouldn't pollute. Everything would freeze except for that one special person. It would be you and that one  amazing person who happens to make your world go round. The person that happens to strikes your fancy and tickle your toes.

Time would stand still and chaos would no longer exist. Time would be a thing of the past because now you would have all the time in the world. No one to bother you; no job or chores to tend to; and nothing to stand in your way. You could spend your days doing everything you've ever wanted to, which for some people may consist of a full day of nothing.

It's funny how in all of the hustle and bustle you finally begin to realize that not everything has to be perfect and not everything has to be done on time. Perfectionism is a disorder that entraps the soul from being free...that's my new definition. You strive to be perfect, to satisfy others and to be successful. Yet at the end of the day, all you would really like to do is go against the norm and not be "so perfect" and not do what is expected of you. You could do what your heart desires and you could do what madeyou happy.  

You realize how much you want to just freeze time to have with that one special person or maybe even to freeze time and do what you want for a change. Time is all we have here on Earth, so in my opinion we may as well make it worth it.

Maybe we should all just find that pause button and stop time. 
Maybe then our world would seem a bit more perfect. 

What would you do if you could 
stop time?