Weekly Update: 35 Weeks

{last week}

How far along? 35 weeks, 6 Days
Baby Size: A coconut
Total weight gain: 30lbs (Ugh, I gained three in one week!)
Maternity clothes? Hardly even those anymore. I'm really running out of things!
Stretch marks? Belly is still good! 
Sleep: It's about the same. Horrible!
Best moment this week: Learning I was already 50% effaced at my appointment. 
I love knowing there is progress going on! 
Miss Anything? Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Subway, a regular ham and cheese sandwich.
I know some people eat them during pregnancy but I've heard that you shouldn't eat cold
deli meats. And even though my nurse said I could have toasted Subway sandwiches, 
I was still trying to be good and not eat them. It's getting really hard! 
Movement: She's still moving around plenty. It's different movements for the most part. 
Not really kicks - more rolls and feet and elbows sticking out. 
Food cravings: Back to pepperoni pizza with bell peppers. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: This week was pretty good -- no morning sickness.
Gender: Lady
Symptoms: Noticed that I'm swelling after my walks I do each day. Having contractions
here and there and some back pain. Basically, I'm just one pregnant potato. 
Belly Button in or out? Pretty out.  
Wedding rings on or off? On -- but noticeably tighter
Mood: READY. Anxious. Excited. 
Looking forward to: At this point I was SO excited about seeing her in the ultrasound 
at 36 weeks (which I had yesterday). I was very anxious to see her and learn her weight. 
More on that soon! :)
It's getting close!