Waiting on Baby

Well I have about 7 weeks until my due date and all I can do is just sit here and keep waiting on baby.
I still have quite a bit to do on my to "To Do List Before Baby is Due" but other than that I am SO ready.

I think some people up until the day the baby comes still has that feeling of "I'm not sure if I'm ready."
I've heard people say that they're not sure if they are ready for the changes in their home and if they
are ready for their relationship to change with their spouse.

But I say bring it on. 

I've been waiting for this day FOREVER.
Since like the day I met my husband I knew I wanted to have his babies.
I know, that's kinda sad but it really is true. 
We've had almost three years to ourselves as a married couple and six years before that as a couple.
I'd say we're pretty good in the "get to know you" department.

Even though sometimes I worry that I won't always know what to do as a new mom or
that I won't always know why Little Bit is crying, I'm still so anxious.

I'm anxious to meet this little girl and give her plenty of unconditional love.
I'm anxious to see her daddy interact with her and to become a family of three.
I'm anxious to see what she looks like and what her little cry sounds like.
I'm super curious about how big she'll be (my husband is hoping for a 9lb baby!).
I'm anxious to kiss her and hold her next to me.

It's amazing how someone who you've never met and can only feel right now,
can already have your heart.

She's not even here yet and has already stolen my heart.

I can't wait.
Hopefully we steal hers away too.

Me and my Easter Egg on Easter Sunday :)

How was your emotions right before
your first baby came?