Off to Lamaze Class

Today I am off to take an eight hour Natural Birthing class.
My hubby has to work so my mom is filling in as my birthing coach since she'll be in the delivery room too.
Go MOM...she rocks for doing this for me.
(8 Hours on a Saturday kinda stinks!)

I'm more determined than ever to do this.
I'm hoping and praying that I can do this.
Actually it's not even that I think I can't.
It's more about hoping that my body and baby cooperate and don't require medical intervention.
In other C-Section. 

I'm so determined to do this.
To show everyone that it is possible and that it is an option.
The way people look at me or giggle my way when I talk about Natural Birth really kinda annoys me.
Like I'm either not capable or that I'm insane for attempting it. 

But hey -- I'm preparing -- to attempt it.
My body was made to do this.
Us women are a bunch of bad mama-jamas that are capable of a whole lot of awesome things.

And one of those is pregnancy, labor and delivery.
I hope I'm as bad a mama-jama as I think I am. 

What's your Saturday plans?