My Definition of Marriage

{A post written for my first blog, Romance In a Glance}

My definition of marriage is that it’s about finding your BFF for life. It’s such a simple and uncomplicated definition that most should understand. I dated my husband for over six years by the time we were married, so I was pretty darn sure he was my best friend and “the one.” I had already had my wedding planned in my mind for at least a year before we were even engaged and I also had an idea of what marriage was going to be like. And boy was I wrong

Marriage is even better than I imagined. It’s more beautiful than any story I’ve read and it’s more colorful than the best paintings in history. Many people say that the first couple of years are the hardest for newlyweds (and I believe this based on other relationships I’ve seen) but for some reason it hasn't been that hard. It actually hasn't been hard at all. Sure there are times where as the wife you realize you have spoiled your husband to the point that he can’t pick his shirt up off the back of the chair ever or that you stress if you don’t have dinner cooked (or if you burn it), but those are just minor adjustments. Living with someone is a new adventure with lots of compromising and some cattiness here and there, but it’s all worth it.  

My first year of marriage included many, many nights of renting a movie and eating ice cream while snuggling on the sofa. It included many lazy mornings of cuddling in bed and many days of enjoying nothing but each other.  There were many nights of dressing up for dinner and maybe catching a movie and even a couple of nights of going out as just the two of us. Marriage is like one giant slumber party with your best friend but they never have to go home (except this friend is attractive and perfect for spooning).

For those newlyweds that experience hard times in the beginning and have a difficult time adjusting to marriage, please don’t give up. Once you make it over your setbacks, you’re bound to experience pure bliss and pure love. There is nothing else like marrying the one you love; it just takes a lot of patience, kindness, compromising, laughter, romance, kisses and a lot of cuddling. In a marriage you’re writing your own story and coloring your own pages through your journey as BFFs for life.

What's your definition of marriage?