I'm Going Dancing at Nine Months Prego

Those of you who know a bit about me, know that I teach dance and still study dance.
Of course with my big ole' belly, I've had to sit out of my normal classes this year,
but I do still teach for about five hours a week.

It wasn't until recently I had to really take to teaching from the chair, but up until about
April I was pretty active and dancing quite a bit while I taught.
It is the ONLY thing I've ever wanted to do and yes, I have all those ballerina dreams...
but my Little Bit was the real dream.
Her and her daddy and all of her future siblings = my dreams come true.

So I still teach and still dance, and today is our big dance recital.
We work all year for this and it's a really LONG day, but it's the best day ever.
I actually am dancing in our finale piece...
so here's to seeing Little Bit hangs tight in there while I dance.

I've already cautioned the other dancers to lookout for puddles of water.

{my dance picture taken in February...notice my shirt!}

{wedding picture}

Happy Weekend Lovebirds!

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Sasha Savoy

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