When You Know Your Husband is Having A GIRL

For those of you that know me personally or know my husband, you probably caught on to the fact that my hubs was determined to have a little boy first. He wanted a girl, but he just wanted her as the second child. He has this fear that having a girl first will turn him into a total softy. 

{I have to admit it; he really already is a softy.}

Finally in the last couple of months he's referred to his Little Bit as his "little girl" or his "little girly." I have to say that hearing those words makes my heart melt. I can't wait to see Daddy with his little girl (or as I like to say, his little Princess). 

Then on yesterday he made me heart really smile and it was something so tiny, but I realized it. He was talking about a friend of ours daughter and said "she had a big bow and a cute dress with different colors of Chevron in it." 

Um, excuse me....

Did my husband just refer to a little girl's dress as a Chevron dress (which it indeed was)!? Obviously he has been paying attention as I've mentioned the word Chevron along the way while designing her nursery and recently when ordering her bows.

It's because of his keen fashion sense as a guy already (my friends sometimes refer to him as metro-sexual--haha) and his knack of knowledge already on Chevron, that I can trust him to dress our daughter. I'll just have to train him on the bows and headbands and how each outfit must have one... :)

But to be honest, I'm not so worried about that anymore. I think Daddy to be will a good little dresser and Little Bit will always be looking sharp! 

Speaking of Chevron, this week I will share some nursery photos! 

And if you missed yesterday's post, HERE is a sneak peek at some maternity photos!
Can't wait to share some more...

Does your husband/baby daddy have 
a good eye when it comes to dressing your daughter?