Old Wives Tale or Truth?

Okay, so here is a good one that you can answer for me...

How many of you have heard the myth that if you bend over too much or stretch your arms up above your head too much it can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby's neck? Apparently my mom and aunts all believe this and don't like seeing me do those things.

If only they were home while I was organizing and cleaning. I'm always moving, bending, reaching and what not. So of course now I'm curious about this myth and Google didn't really answer my question.

So, have any of you heard this or had a doctor talk about it? I plan on asking my doc next week, but until then...

I actually thought this yesterday while grocery shopping. 
So many people hold open doors and help me and smile at me. 
Many people asked how I was doing too. 
Wonder what they are really thinking?
Dammmnnnn looookkk at that belly. 

What's your take on this old myth?