OCD verses an Informed Mommy

If I have learned one thing about being pregnant, it is that I really am OCD. 

You see, I always assumed I was because I love to have things a certain way and I obsess over things.
The second I get a thought in my head about something that needs to be done or changed, I will have it
changed or done by the time I go to bed even if it means staying up till the butt crack of dawn.

And this little human being growing inside of me has taught me that I am way too OCD. 
Really, who has gotten the scanner at Babies R's Us more than three times to edit and update their registry (not to mention online surfing)? This chick here. And it's not just because I was adding things. It's because I've actually been reading reviews. I don't think I've ever really read so many dang blasted product reviews in my life.

That was until I became responsible for this little human.

Bad baby reviews on the bath tub. Changed it. Realized that I wanted to make baby's food. Added the items. Bad reviews on a Pack N' Play and realized the more expensive was unnecessary. Changed it. Realized that hubby doesn't need an infant seat and a booster seat but can rather just get a convertible seat. Rode all the way to the store to change it and make sure I picked a convertible seat sold in stores. And yes, I read all of those reviews too.

I researched about breast pumps, food processors, bottles, diapers and probably other countless items. My OCD can finally take a nap though, as I am done with the registry. Dunzo. It's a wrap. It's good to go. 

I'm fully aware that half of the items I read about and obsessed over may not even be items that people purchase us. Who knows, maybe hardly any items get purchased from our registry and that's okay too. But at least I know I did my research, and when we have to go back to the store to get those things we need, it will be an easy shopping trip.

We can only hope.

Were you any bit of crazy like me?
{Please say yes!} :)