Our Gender Reveal {YAY}

Which balloons do we get rid of...

Up, up and away...

And it's a GIRL {exactly what Mommy and Daddy thought it was}

Daddy to Be trying to catch back the blue balloon in hopes of his boy 
one day. Let's just say Daddy to Be was really hoping for his boy, LOL.

Don't worry, he really is excited. But isn't this photo priceless?

Our little Princess was so beautiful in her sonogram. 
Long legs, big feet and a cute little bum. 
She was so proper and even kept her legs crossed the whole time
{She also tried to hide her lady parts with her hand, hehe}

 The BLUE team that was wrong about little Baby S.
 This is actually all of my husband's family! 

 The winning team, the PINK team. My family and two best friends and my husband's sister!

My husband's sister, my best friend who is married to my husband's first cousin and me!
So wonderful that our babies are all due together. Makes this even more special. 

My husband's first little onesie for her (he's a pilot)

So now you all know what little Baby S is. 
I'm over the moon about a little girl and believe me, I've already purchased some outfits. 
I can't wait to see her melt her daddy's heart and I can't wait to meet her. 
May sure seems a long ways away right now...
My husband kept seeing my randomly smiling the rest of the night and 
then the next morning I woke up at 5:30am (which is when he was getting dressed for work) 
and I had to go do a happy dance in the kitchen because I was still on cloud 9.
And I'm not even a morning person. 
I'm so beyond excited about this sweet bundle on the way...
It feels even more real now that we know what she is!
Feeling very blessed right now and just hoping for a healthy girl!

Stay tuned for a bump update tomorrow!