Cribs, Cribs, Cribs

So I am facing the dilemma as to whether or not I should go for a convertible crib or non-convertible crib. Originally I planned on buying nursery furniture that could convert to the child's toddler furniture and then eventually their adolescent furniture. However, now I'm stumped. 

We plan on having three kids and the current home we are in won't be our home but for another year possibly. So from there, we have no clue where we are going. In addition to all of that, we're intending on spacing our kiddies out by about two years (but who knows what will happen). Therefore my dilemma is created. 

With so many kids in our future (we hope) and unknown living space, should I just go for a general nursery set that can accommodate all babies and then just worry about their future furniture later? Or should I still go for the convertible crib so each child can keep their "bed?" Decisions, decisions. My dilemma is taken even further being that the room that will be the nursery isn't really that big. It is just enough space for a crib, a changer/dresser and maybe some sort of shelving unit. Which then makes me think I should just go for a general changing table to allow more room rather than go for the whole changer/dresser. Or since this is my first baby, should I just spoil it and get what I want? 

Ah. Any advice on this? Any problems with convertible cribs or anyone have any tips on the best solution for having so many children and buying furniture? I can't wait to hear your advice. 

So what do you think?
{help me, help me} :)