Tracking Fertility on Your Smart Phone

The Naughty Nook is a place where all things are discussed from sex to current issues to any other random ideas I seem to have. So today's issue isn't really that naughty, but since it does involve sex we'll just go ahead and discuss it. Besides I already hooked you with the word sex, right?

Many of my readers are either pregnant or mothers already and I'm sure a lot of my newlywed readers are trying to conceive. You always hear of the expression to "just try and let it happen without thinking about it." Name one woman who wasn't "thinking" about it while she was trying. That just seems unlikely to me. Every little stomach ache and unusual headache gets a trying-to-conceive woman in an excited fury. Then that dreaded time of the month comes and you are back to square one. You scroll on Facebook and realize that pregnancies are popping up everywhere and you being to wonder, "Were they even trying?"

However now that smart phones exist and pretty little baby apps exist, we can all happily and impatiently keep track of when we are fertile and when that treasured little egg will drop. So many things need to be in order to actually get pregnant. It's kind of humorous that my fancy little phone can tell me when things seem to be good. 

How many readers actually use or did use a fertility app while trying to conceive? Or perhaps you marked the calendar yourself. It's one of those situations where once you see the date and realize that the egg has dropped you begin a happy dance that leads your man straight to the bedroom. 

How many readers feel like they didn't obsess over trying to get pregnant but yet they did use their smart phone to tell them when they should have sex? I knew those smart phones were good for something. Any electronic device that tells my husband he should get on top of things is quite an interesting and treasured device. 

Did you track your fertility with a smart phone?
Sasha SavoyTTCComment