Making Room for Baby

I have slowly begun the process of clearing out what was once my awesome writing/craft/office/Christmas room for what will now become the room for my sweet baby. Let me just tell you that it isn't really an easy task. The OCD part of me is ready to have a complete nursery and I still have 27 weeks to go till baby is here. I like to think though that it is better to start now while my belly isn't necessarily getting in the way too much. Next thing you know, I won't be able to see my feet let alone what's lying around on the floor. 

I have no idea how husband and I made it in our first home. We lived in a one bedroom rent house with only two closets. Our house was absolutely precious though and everything was organized pretty dang good. I'm not like Carrie from Sex and the City- I don't store my sweaters in my oven. Although props to that idea.

Now that we live in a three bedroom house with three closets that include two massive ones, we can hardly make room for the baby. The baby's closet was once a winter wonderland. It stored our winter coats and  my entire Christmas decor (besides the rest of decor that is under our bed). After spending the day yesterday trying to squeeze and smush our coats into our own individual closets, I learned that we have too many damn coats. I also learned that there was a hidden closet fairy in our first home.

Finally though, I managed to get some room in there and hung up some of the outfits baby has already gotten. Can I just tell you how amazing it was to see those little outfits hanging there? I squealed with excitement and when the husband came home from work I took him in to see it too (I know he silently squealed too).

Now for the rest of the room; there is crap all over the floor that I can see and can't stand. There is still furniture that needs to be taken out to make room for new baby furniture. Anyone have a cleaning-moving-furniture fairy I can borrow? Maybe she'll pop along from somewhere. 

At what point of pregnancy did you 
start making room for baby?
How do you like one of babies outfits that I pictured? Husband isn't too fond.