Gender Reveals

Gone are the days of just finding what the sex of the baby is and spreading the news. Bring on the betting, the pink and blue shirts and the fun memories of the gender reveal party. I have to tell you, I'm over trying to plan one. I almost wish it was just as easy as saying, "Hey we're having a _____."

I originally loved the thought of cutting open that cake and discovering the sex of the baby at that very moment. Then I realized that it wasn't for me. I want to leave that sonogram visit by taking one last glance at my baby and know when I see it if it is a little he or she. I want to glance over at my husband and see his priceless expression when he learns it is a girl (or boy-haha) and share that moment with him. It somehow comforts me to know that all eyes won't be on my reaction and that I can just share the moment with him. It was also so extremely hard to try and plan one with my husband's work schedule. Trying to get the right day was just overwhelming me. 

In the midst of the baby boom all around me, everyone is having a gender reveal. Being the person that I am--I like to be a little different. So we have an awesome solution that I think everyone will cherish. We get to see the baby at a special ultrasound place that has a theater viewing room for our close family to come in and watch the baby as well. They can also see us and watch our reaction, but I enjoy the idea that my husband and I will off to the side a little. So everyone finds out together. 

I'm very happy to have this special moment and can't wait. I know soon that when I go to other gender reveals there may be that part of me that will wish I had the whole shebang going on too--the decorations, the guessing game and the delicious cake. But once our moment comes, I think it will be just right. 

With that said, even though I'm not doing a gender reveal, I'll just leave you with some of my favorite ideas. 

Did you or do you plan on having 
a gender reveal party?