Flu Shot Baby Mama Drama

In the past several years that the flu shot has become such a huge topic, it has always been a topic (and a needle) that I avoided. I'm not one to jump in right away to get some new shot that everyone is insisting on. I don't like to try new things when there isn't enough evidence to prove any long lasting effects. So I have always turned down the shot, even when offered to me for free by my employer. 

Then I became pregnant and heard that dreaded, "You're going to need the flu shot." A nurse at my doctor's office said my doctor would practically force me-and well-she practically did. Luckily I had already researched about it and learned that there was nothing but positive outcomes and no negative news for pregnant women who had previously gotten the shot. I still wasn't convinced though that receiving a vaccination while pregnant was a good idea. If I didn't like it before, I surely didn't like it now when I was carrying my little sugarplum. 

Then I made that comment to my doctor, "So do you really insist on it?" and boy did she ever insist on it. She practically had the nurse in there before I could say no. Her words were, "Yes I insist, it can kill it and can kill you." Well how are you going to say no to that?

So the day after receiving the shot I threw up six times (which is above my average morning sickness amount) and ran a low fever. I blamed that dang shot. After a little scare I decided to go check on little baby and learned that everything was okay and that this shot didn't likely do this to me. It was likely a damn stomach virus. 

So after lots of laying on the sofa; my dear mom coming to do my housework; and a television tuned in to Hallmark channel's Christmas movies, I'm now recovered. What would we do without our mommies?

And I still don't like the flu shot even if it isn't the culprit for my being sick lately. At least baby and I are safe though.

P.S. I was the BIGGEST baby getting it. 

What's your take on the flu shot while