“A standing ovation.”

You can't hear me through the computer, but I am currently surrounded by my loving family and we are all giving you a standing ovation for this post!!!

— In response to, "Breasts, Apes and Bare Cheek"

“Reading your tips is very inspiring...”

Thank you so much for posting these posts! I am a FTM due in one week with a little girl and planning a natural birth at a birth center with the help of just my husband, my midwives and a doula. Reading your tips is very inspiring for someone about to go through this, so thank you for sharing your experience!

— In response to, "My Tips for Having a Natural Birth"


This post literally brought me to tears -- I have been trying to find information somewhere about how to wean, and I struggle because I know I'm not ready and frankly, neither is she .. but I know it's time :( Thank you for writing something so raw and honest!

— In response to, "The Dark Hole of Weaning"


“Thanks for sharing."

This is a great post and so honest! Motherhood is the easiest and the hardest thing you ever have to do all wrapped in to one my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

— The Golden Rule Kids, in response to "Motherhood is Made with a Perfect Love"

“Amazing Customer Service.”

Just wanted to commend your customer service! I received a package and shipping had destroyed a few of the items (which is totally unfair to both of us!). I sent an email and was immediately taken care of, the products were no longer in stock but I was sent other replacements which I am totally happy with! This was my first time ordering, and I am looking forward to ordering again- the products were lovely but the AMAZING customer service was the icing on the cake! Thanks again!



“Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.”

Woooooow Shasha, I am so incrediblyshocked with how kind and generous you are!!! Thank you soo soo much!!! You are so kind. This is baby #4 for us, due in March and our first time cloth diapering. Trying to build my stash as best as I can. I absolutely loved your site. Today was my first time visiting, and trust me I will definitely be coming back. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!!

— T.R.

“I will be ordering more soon!”

Hi Sasha! I just received my imagine diaper that I ordered! Thank you so much, I have to say I love ordering from a small, family business and the fact that you made it feel like I was receiving mail from a friend or family, thank you!! I will be ordering more soon!

— A.B.


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