Sasha Savoy, head author and founder


Sasha is the founder and creator of The Mushy Mommy blog, the head author and founder of The Mushy Mommy Village and the owner/buyer/founder of The Mushy Mommy: a natural baby boutique. She tackles motherhood and homesteading daily as a SAHM to a one year old and three year old and she works into the wee hours of the night to bring you all that TMM brings you! Sasha is an advocate for living naturally, simply, healthy and as wholesome as possible, while leaving some room for Oreos and Netflix in there as well.

She's currently (still, remember she has two kids) in training to become a certified birth educator and certified breastfeeding counselor and is a passionate advocate for women's birth rights and for breastfeeding. She's a cloth diaper junkie, a green living lover and mama who enjoys dancing to the beat of her own music (oh yea, and she teaches dance too). Join her village as she inspires to empower mothers, unite them and support them. To learn more about her and the company, visit here

Jess Bedsole, contributing author

Jess Bedsole

As a breastfeeding advocate, cloth diaper enthusiast, essential oil user and garden-appreciating homebody, Jess Bedsole is pretty crunchy. She can usually be found in the kitchen or scouring Pinterest for new recipes because she's passionate about what she feeds her kids. In her online life she can be found on Instagram as @sparklesandcrafts and @whatifeedmykid as well as blogging (occasionally) at  

What I Feed My Kid is a collaboration of mamas from around the US who believe in teaching kids to eat real food, make sure to check out their Instagram for inspired toddler meals and snacks.

Fun tidbit: Jess actually inspired and helped Sasha to begin cloth diapering. However, the two live far away (one in Chicago and the other in Louisiana) and have never met! They have been blog buddies for almost four years! Both of their babies were born within nearly the same weeks, same year! 


Courtney Duhe, contributing author


Courtney, a stay at home Momma, from South Louisiana, has a love for the simple things in life. She proudly wears the title of "boy-mom", as she raises her two tots the best way she knows how. She's also wifey of six years to a really great guy, whom she's so thankful for. She credits her sanity to Jesus and coffee....because let's face it, running after two littles all day long can be quite a challenge!

You can find a little one scooting around the house with the cutest fluffy bum, whose stash comes from The Mushy Mommy herself! Her home is regularly filled with the aroma of essential oils diffusing, or a natural, DIY recipe for household cleaners. She enjoys making baby food for the caboose (caboose for now...Momma's not done yet...but we have to convince Daddy). She's a baby wearing, snotty nose wiping, find her in sweatpants most days, kind-of-mom, and she wouldn't have it any other way!

Fun tidbit, Courtney is often found sitting in on pop up shops around Louisiana with The Mushy Mommy. She's Sasha's right hand man and is always ready to tackle the day of mingling with customers and setting up merchandise! 


Danielle Wallace, contributing author

Danielle Wallace

Danielle is married to her college sweetheart and together they are new parents to their beautiful baby girl, Grace, born at the beginning of this year. Danielle loves to bargain hunt whether it be sifting through the clearance racks at the mall, thrifting at the local Goodwill, or garage sale-ing on Saturday mornings.

She loves an occasional DIY and is a certified cookie dough eating, baby headband buying addict!

Fun tidbit: Danielle and Sasha danced together in high school and would later both become bloggers and eventually team up here! 




Alix Kalfin, contributing author


Alix is a stay-at-home mom to one human baby and four fur babies. She is the creator of the blog, Call Me Crunchy, where she shares her personal experiences of pursuing a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Alix is passionate about breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, eating healthy with Wildtree, and ending pet overpopulation. In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga and drinking local craft beer.

You can catch up with Alix at her blog, on Facebook and on Instagram

Lauren Standridge (Doula), contributing author

Lauren is the owner of Baton Rouge Birth Services and will be joining us soon. We are so thrilled to have a doula on board to share her thoughts, knowledge and experience with us.