Easy, Fool Proof Ways to Cut Chemicals From Your Life

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Every day we get on the Internet and see new articles revealing the dangers in particular foods, products and cleaners. Every day we can feel more overwhelmed, confused and hurt. It seems as if sometimes there's no right way to go or correct product/brand to use. 

However every day we have the chance to do better, despite the overwhelming headlines. Even when it seems so confusing, we have the option to make small changes that we know are better for us. Science may change their opinions on things like chocolate and red wine over time, but there are just certain things that is basic and easy to follow. There are certain "facts" that have overtime never changed. 

If you want to start cutting some chemicals and toxins out of your life and routine, here are some easy and basic ways to do so! Don't let these changes overwhelm you, make them slowly over time as you can. This isn't all or nothing or even all at once, it's at the pace that works for you!

  1. Pop into the local health food store. Even a small town will typically have a natural food/health store nearby. Stop in for some motivation to browse around and see what sorts of items you can switch out. Healthier cleaners, vitamins, food items and more, deodorant, may be right at your fingertips and you didn't even know it. 
  2. Stop the idea of "all or nothing." I'm a firm believer in that nothing can be perfect. You can eat a day's worth of organic meals and yet still stop by Chic Fil-a for a milkshake after a long day. These things happen and it's okay. Less is more. Having less is better for your health, but it's okay to live life on the edge sometimes. Start with the items you breathe in at home and put on your skin, work on your diet later. 
  3. Read a good book. I recommend "Healthy Child, Healthy World." This book is especially great for mothers, but is still so full of knowledge for us all. Also any good book of "Natural Remedies" is a great tool to have on hand! 
  4. Find a support group. There are typically support groups on Facebook for natural minded mamas or people. I love Baton Rouge Natural Moms, Green Moms Network or you can even navigate some of our information for more tips! 
  5. Filter your water. Make sure your drinking water is filtered somehow. 
  6. Microwave less. This is something that I struggle with too! When you're not in a hurry, take the frozen veggies out of the bag or the can, and cook them on the stove. 
  7. Skip all the Bath and Body Works. Most women have been guilty at some point or another of harboring a basket full of these goodies. Toss them, regift them, recycle them...just get rid of them and their temptation to be used disappears. Search for a handmade soap that consists of basic things like lye or shea butter and essential oils. Use a basic lotion with minimal ingredients that you can pronounce. 
  8. Find a truly plant based cleaner. With Thieves cleaner, you only need ONE cleaner for your whole home. It's truly plant based and it disinfects naturally. While there are other decent plant based cleaners (Honest Co., Seventh Generation) out there, Thieves has always been the one that I trust the most. 
  9. Toss the Tupperware. Invest in some glass Pyrex dishes for storing your leftover food. Plastic tupperware containers contain tons of toxic chemicals (even the BPA free ones) and are very harmful to your health. Even if you don't heat food in them, chemicals still leach into the food (especially if you place warm food in there). 
  10. Toss the fake scents. Candles, air fresheners, plug ins and the like, are some of the most toxic ingredients in the home. They are cancerous, can affect the endocrine system and they can contribute to respiratory issues and things like asthma and allergies. Choose a natural beeswax or soy candle and/or stick with essential oils or homemade potpourri. 
  11. Eat more FRESH food. If your food is grown from the ground, you're doing good. Buy more fresh and less from the box. Choose organic if and when your budget allows. 
  12. Try charcoal soap. A truly good charcoal soap is great for the skin and can be great as a face wash as well! They are also very inexpensive.
  13. Switch deodorants and perfumes. This one is for someone who has already begun their journey and research. Find a good, natural deodorant (this is huge for women's health) and skip perfume in favor of essential oils! 

Trying to ban all chemicals and toxins is nearly impossible. Things will get by, things will be enjoyed and splurged on and you'll learn as you go where you where and what you want to focus on. Just strive for your best and you'll get there. The more you know, the better you can do! 

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Shortcuts for Healthy Eating Kids

When it comes to getting your kids to eat healthy, some of us struggle and some of us manage. One day our child loves her steamed zucchini and the next day she stares at it like it's a mushy booger sitting in her plate. One day blueberries are so amaze balls that she eats a whole half pint and the next day their just...well...balls to throw on the floor. 

I thought I'd share some fun shortcuts to getting your child to eat healthier without having to sacrifice too much of the yummy stuff they love!

Below are some easy and nutritious short cuts to take. 

Classic Peanut Butter and Jelly. Don't, just don't, buy the prepackaged stuff. PUH-LEASE. Since those are prepackaged and need a longer shelf life, there are many added preservatives in there that can be very unhealthy. The Fix: Whole wheat bread, natural or organic peanut butter (almond butter is even healthier) and natural or organic jelly. Many jellies are full of high fructose corn syrup which is just plain awful! Look for a brand that doesn't have it and contains only what you need!

Classic Macaroni and Cheese. Make your own or purchase Annie's -- it is free of anything artificial and no preservatives. It often times contains organic ingredients as well. Their shells and cheese taste JUST LIKE Velveeta! In fact, my husband passed a joke about us eating "processed" macaroni one day, and then I told him my secret (it was Annie's). He couldn't tell the difference!

Cereal. Nix the cereal right away! Unless you are serving organic cereals that don't have sugar (like the nastier cardboard tasting ones that kids hate), then don't serve cereal at all; that's just a belly of processed sugar. Make it an occasional treat, and more so for the weekends! The Fix: Try oatmeal with fresh fruit and honey for naturally sweetening! Another shortcut is to simply bake or make breakfast at night. While you're eating dinner, pop a can of biscuits in the oven or cook some eggs in a muffin pan in the oven and save over night. Make pancakes and heat them up in the morning!  Nuke these quick items in the morning, add some fruit and milk and your child already had a healthier start! Try these blueberry pancake bites that are amazing! 

Snack time. Kids love their snacks, and if you know me personally, you know I love my snacks too! There's nothing wrong with snacks, but in moderation. The only unhealthy snack we keep is Oreos. The Fix: If your child loves cookies, bake a big batch from scratch over the weekend because then you know your child is eating a cookie with ingredients that you can pronounce and that are real; not fake, toxic preservatives that we don't need. Hate baking? Pilsbury makes a line called Simply Pilsbury that has NO artificial anything in there and they taste GREAT!  In my house we shoot for fruit for snacks and then from there, our "pre-packaged" snacks are usually organic granola bars or Annie's crackers or something that I make myself.

Ice Cream/ Smoothies. I'm not saying to give up ice cream by any means (that's just a crazy thought), but if you want a healthier alternative you can make banana ice cream! Just freeze some cut up bananas and blend along with anything you want! We love to add a few frozen peaches, a tad of honey and then top with chocolate chips! It is a toddler hit I tell you! And as for smoothies, well that is just an easy way to get a child to load up on fruits and veggies! They will feel so cool drinking what they consider to be an "adult type drink." If only they really knew what was in there! 

Dinner Time. If you're food isn't organic or necessarily natural, don't sweat it. Not everyone strives for that or has the budget for it (although there really isn't much cost difference) just strive to cook things that don't come in a box! The fewer boxes in your pantry, the better! I am by no means a Rachel Ray, I just strive to cook real food that is as organic and fresh as I can make it. Sure I use some processed staples (like I don't make my own tomato sauce -- I'm not that talented), but many of our meals are made of real food with little additives and preservatives. 

What are some of your shortcuts or tricks to get kids to eat healthier? My new one to try is zucchini and egg plant noodles! Little Bug has tried it once and loved it, so perhaps this is a great way to sneak in some extra veggies! 

Kids need their fruits and veggies to strive, grow and focus. Let's all strive to serve our kids what they deserve, because we all (myself included), can slack at times. While it's okay to be lazy and indulge here and there, we can't let life get in the way of healthy eating!

Share your favorite healthy eating shortcuts in the comment box below!


Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos. 

Bonga Foods and the African Baobab Tree

Bonga Foods first began by developing superfood chews that came from the Baobab tree in Africa, which happens to be one of the most nutritious fruits on Earth. It's a health nut's dream and it just so happens to be driven by three mothers who were on a mission to provide children with healthier snacks.

The Baobab fruit has 12x more fiber than an apple, 4x more potassium than a banana, 10x more antioxidants than blueberries and 6x more vitamin C than an orange. That's a whole lot of nutritious deliciousness in one fruit! And since it's not just a fruit that we can grow here in our backyards, you can only imagine the money, time and production that goes into harvesting and manufacturing this product.

So what does Bonga Foods offer? They offer superfood chews and organic powders composed of all of these nutritious benefits that are healthy for the whole family. Their line of powders can be used in smoothies, oatmeals and yogurts; while the amazing superfood chews can be added to anything you like from salads to trail mix. Their superfood chew pouches are wonderful snacks for the kids and promote healthy eating.

This company not only works hard to bring you amazing and rare superfoods, but also gives back through the Bonga Foundation where they promote women entrepreneurship, give back to children and support local harvesters. A small business giving back --- I LOVE to hear that! As a small business owner, it is my hope to one day offer a program or way to give to those in need.

So why visit them? 

Because Bonga Foods is currently trying to expand their reach and nutritious deliciousness by adding in a chia line and moringa line, while helping local farmers and harvesters along the way. By supporting their kickstarter campaign, you can receive some wonderful goodies from their current line of products and test them out for yourself. Running and operating a business is hard work and when you dream big, you sometimes need that support behind you. If Bonga Foods seems appealing to you and you want to know more about them, their products and what they stand for, them make sure to visit them!

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This is a sponsored post and all opinions are based on my own research and reviews. 


Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos.